Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Spring is finally here! We hit a high of 85 today. I was super-excited to break out my shorts for class:

Button-down: Express
Tank Top: H&M
Belt: Express
Shorts: Express
Flats: Tory Burch

(Sorry for the horrible quality picture, I just really liked my outfit!)

So I spent the weekend doing LOTS of reading about weightlifting, and based on my research I am going to focus my lifting on two things:

1) Performing compound moves like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups that work multiple major muscle groups. (Bonus: this is how you get abs!)

2) Lifting heavier weights. Performing 15 reps means that my weights are too light! I am going to shoot for a weight that I can lift 8 times and see if I can feel my muscles give out at the end.

Also based on my reading, I decided to try a 5x5 for today's lower-body workout: 5 exercises with 5 sets (of 8 reps each). I was so excited all day to do this new workout!

Lower-body 5x5

  • Barbell deadlift: 65 lbs (including bar), 8 reps x5
  • Barbell squat: 35 lbs (including bar--might have been more), 8 reps x5
  • Barbell hamstring deadlift: 55 lbs (same),  8 reps x5
  • Barbell sumo squats: 35 lbs (same), 8 reps x5
  • Split squats: 40 lbs, 8 reps/leg x5
All I can say is WOW! I almost never sweat that heavily from weights alone but I was soaked and I think I was even dripping sweat on the floor (I know, I'm gross). I have to admit I was intimidated walking into a weight room full of guys and doing a "man" exercise that I've never tried before. I was worried that I would embarrass myself with bad form or puny weights, but I just reminded myself to stay focused and not worry about anyone else. And I know that my strength and form will only improve as I practice.

Speaking of which, I definitely could have squatted heavier weights--I just couldn't get the barbell picked up over my head! Hopefully as I improve my upper body strength, I'll be able to squat more too, but in the meantime I think I'm also going to utilize the Smith machine to squat higher weights.

This took about 35-40 minutes. I followed up with stretching and some quick abs (x2):
  • 60 second plank
  • 15 crunches with 16-lb medicine ball
  • 20 twists with 16-lb medicine ball (feet off ground)
I wanted to go on a run afterwards because it's FINALLY warm outside (85 degrees) but my legs were just too tired! I had to remind myself to not feel guilty for squandering a nice day because the weather is going to keep getting better and there will be plenty of time in the future.

For dinner I had 7oz tilipia, a whole bag of roasted broccoli, and a mango:

Other meals consisted of:
  • Breakfast: 2% Fage greek yogurt with walnuts and raspberries and 2 egg + 2 white puff
  • Daytime snacks: Apple, 1/2 c raw almonds (even better than roasted!), 2 protein bars
  • After-dinner snack: 0% Fage with walnuts and raspberries
You might have noticed that I don't eat lunch--on Monday and Wednesday I have classes from 9:30 to 4:45 with no breaks so I would rather carry snacks that I can easily eat in class. Same for Tuesdays and Thursdays when I am out of the house from at least 9-4 including metro time. I try to eat a "real" dinner with veggies and lean protein to balance it out!

 Well I'm off to bed--I might have another yogurt before I go to sleep because I'm still hungry! Night!

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