Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Becoming a Real Blogger :)

So I thought I'd actually be a real blogger and post what I ate for once:

For breakfast (around 9am) I had a container of Fage 2% plain greek yogurt and eggs:

When I first started eating Greek yogurt, I had to mix in a ton of berries and walnuts. But now I like it plain! Also I had finished off my strawberries last night.

I always make my eggs the same way: 2 whole eggs plus 2 whites in a flat puff. It looks like a pancake and is easy to pick up and eat with my hands! Sometimes I add feta cheese but I am cutting back on the cheese now that I'm eating so much yogurt because my body's not used to a lot of dairy.

I have 5 classes from 9:30 to 4:45 every Monday and Wednesday. Because of my schedule I never eat a real lunch. My snacks for the day were half a cup of almonds and a sliced Fuji apple with cinnamon:

Would you believe that I just started eating almonds for the first time in 4 years? I used to eat them all the time then they started giving me headaches so I thought I might be allergic and gave them up. But I tried some on a whim over spring break and didn't have any bad reactions so I'm bringing them back into my diet! Previously the only nuts I was eating were walnuts, which I like with berries or chocolate, but almonds are a better stand-alone food. And they're great to snack on during class--I'm trying to get away from eating so many protein bars!

My outfit today (not super-exciting):

Shirt: Express
Leggings: Forever 21
Cuff: H&M
Bag: Kate Spade Outlets

I had a different outfit planned for today but once I heard it was going to rain I had to wear leggings. I think they go better with boots. And yes, I am wearing leggings as pants but so does everyone on my campus so I didn't get any weird looks.

I intended to go to the gym right after class but it was raining and I was tired so I ended up lying in bed reading blogs for an hour until I got motivated. I've been reading April's blog from the beginning and just discovered Katie at Faith Food & Fitness--I'm excited to start following her! I also ate my last Greek yogurt :(

Finally I got up to go the gym. My campus has 2 gyms: a big, state-of-the-art one about a mile and a half from me that I can drive to, or run if it's nice outside; and an older not-so-nice basement gym within walking distance. I like to switch it up between the two. Today I opted to drive to the nicer one. It has a lot more machines so I was able to add some variety to my leg workout.

Lower Body Workout (75 minutes)
  • Seated Leg Press: 130 lbs, 15 reps x 3
  • Standing Hip Abduction: 100 lbs, 10 reps per leg x 3
  • 45 Degree Leg Press: 90 lbs, 15 reps x 3
  • Hack Squat: 90 lbs, 15 reps x 3
  • Hamstring Deadlift: 30 lb barbell, 15 reps x 3
  • Split Squats: 15 lb dumbbells, 10 reps per leg x 3
  • Lever Alternating Leg Press: 45 lbs, 10 reps per leg x 3
  • V-Squat: 90 lbs on each side, 8 reps x 3
  • Seated Leg Curl: 50 lbs, 12 reps x 3
  • Bent-over Leg Curl: 50 lbs (I think), 10 reps per leg x 3
  • Kneeling Leg Curl: 50 lbs, 12 reps per leg x 3
  • Seated Hip Abduction (Inner Thigh): 70 lbs, 12 reps x 3
  • Seated Hip Abduction (Outer Thigh): 50 lbs, 12 reps x 3
I used this website to get new ideas and to figure out how to use some of the machines I was unfamiliar with. It is an amazing resource! I was so excited about trying new machines that I ended up spending about 75 minutes on this workout, so I skipped cardio even though I had a new Cosmo to read :(

I made a quick run to Giant for more greek yogurt! Usually I get all my groceries at Trader Joes and Target, but I wanted to make it a short trip Giant was the closest. I bought:
  • 10 (!!) individual servings of Fage 2% plain greek yogurt plus one quart of Choikos plain 0%
  • 4 pints of strawberries (they were on sale!)
  • 2 mangos
  • 2 cartons of light Minute Maid lemonade (only 15 calories per 8oz and so good!)
  • Frozen tilipia
  • 2 bags of frozen brussel sprouts
I also found a new kind of tea:

Right now I have 4 different types of ginger tea! Plus Tazo Organic Chai and Passion Fruit. I drink at least two or three cups per day.

When I got home around 9:15 pm I was starving! I tossed a ton of broccoli, carrots, and a yellow summer squash in a tsp of olive oil plus salt and roasted it in the oven while I was showering. This is my favorite way to make veggies! Then I microwaved about 8 oz of leftover ahi tuna to go with it. I meant to take a picture but I was so hungry I forgot.

After dinner I had a pint of sliced strawberries with a packet of splenda. 

Normally I never put sweetener on food but this is my one exception; it reminds me of eating strawberries and sugar as a kid! I also had dark chocolate; I eat some almost every day:

I finished off the remaining half of the black 85% cocoa bar along with a cup of my new tea. They were both delicious! Last night I woke up starving around 3am so hopefully that won't happen tonight. Night! (I'll finish adding pictures tomorrow)

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